Founder and CEO

Our trademark will always be our values and the causes we get behind.

Ocean Investments


We are a family-owned investment company focused on early-stage technology innovators in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia. Our mission is to identify and back those bold entrepreneurs with strong ideas that can be delivered by unique technology, customer traction and global ambition. We are dedicated to supporting them in their growth plans, and to help them realize their vision and scale up rapidly. Our focus industries are security, health, and real estate.

Boyan Bonev

Founder and CEO

Trem Holding are the ideal partner for anyone who is looking to entry the Bulgarian property space.

TREM Holding


Trem Holding is a Bulgarian Registered Company focused solely on delivering projects in Bulgaria. The company is headed up by the CEO Boyan Bonev who has spent over 30 years developing residential, commercial, office and leisure developments throughout the country.

Trem Holding specialises in delivering high end Game Changing Projects that have an immediate impact on the local area. Trem Holding have a proven track record delivering high quality award-winning projects. Not only do they design and build the projects they also complete the zoning and planning.


Managing Director

Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.

IPA Architecture and More


A dynamic and creative organization, IPA specializes in the design of residential, educational, social, hospital, industrial, logistics, commercial, administrative, business and office buildings, urban environments, and more.
To us, outstanding architecture is a combination of vision, functionality, sustainability, and care for the environment and people. Together with our clients and partners, we create some of the most significant projects and invest creativity and professionalism in them.


Managing Partner, CEE

We believe that the foundations of good design lie in strong relationships and care for the community.

SGI Architects

Interior Design

Our dedication to quality design, our relentless promotion of environmental awareness, and our commitment to an a-political approach to business are all instilled into the management of the SGI team.  In 2019 Tihomir and I decided to start the process of turning the company into a partnership. Our vision is that over the next ten years, the team that inherits this company will carry on promoting good governance, good design and care for the environment and will go on to be leaders themselves.